Support & FAQ

Posted on 04. Mar, 2018 by admin

Support is done primarily via email to simplify the process and ensure a quick resolution

Quotes may initiate as email and then include direct contact by phone or IM.

Question One
Posted on 04. Dec, 2017 by admin

Is there a return for any service or product we have?

Most items are covered by PayPal acording to PayPal return and resolution policy. E-books are not covered unless the donload fails and e attempt to resolve. If you purchase a duplicate item you have from a different source we can give an instore exchange.

Question Two
Posted on 04. Dec, 2017 by admin

I am having issues viewing my websites.

There are several factors to address. If you are using an older browser version our sites are not backards compatible. If you have the "no-script" add-on you ill have a few issues. You may need to clear your browser cache. A good article is HERE

Question Three
Posted on 04. Mar, 2018 by admin

what is an example of your website prices?

A single page is $100 for an HTML site. if you need PHP, javascript or many pages the price goes up accordingly